When do I have to order
to receive my delivery or to do a pick-up?

Fresh family size dishes
The dishes can be ordered from Sunday to Friday the week before the day the order is received.

  • If you order on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday; delivery or pick up will be available Monday to Friday of the following week.
  • If you order on Wednesday; delivery or pick up will be available Tuesday to Friday of the following week.
  • If you order on Thursday of Friday; delivery or pick-up will be available Wednesday to Friday of the following week.

Flash-frozen meals
The meals can be ordered from Sunday to Saturday.

  • If you order Saturday and Sunday; delivery and pick-up will be available Monday to Friday of next week
  • If you order from Monday to Friday; the delivery will be available the next day or at the first available time slot; pick-up will always be available at any time without delay.

For more information on our services, go to the bottom of the page; Flash-frozen meals and fresh family size dishes.

Delivery or pick up times

  • Pick-ups can be done Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm.
  • Monday deliveries are from 1pm to 6 :45pm and Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 6:45pm.

The delivery requires two hours of time slot. When you place an order on the online store, add two hours to the selected time. (Ex: Selected time 3:30pm = time slot 3:30pm to 5:30pm)

For any questions, contact one of our advisors either by emal at info@zestedumonde.ca or by dialing 514-761-0498, option 1.

See the menu and order

Choose your favorite frozen meals from our large selection

Receive your delivery on the day and time that you desire.


Pick up your order on the spot. No minimum order required.

Some examples of our tasty meals
ready to eat

Full choice and order online

Salmon curry

Salmon curry

Grilled Atlantic salmon

Grilled Atlantic salmon

Salmon and seafood paella

Salmon and seafood paella

Spanish-style Pamplona Chicken

Spanish-style Pamplona Chicken

Parmesan crowned chicken

Parmesan crowned chicken

Pork white wine and tarrago

Porc vin blanc estragon

Tex Mex Beef

Tex Mex Beef

Stewed Lyonnais-style beef

Stewed Lyonnais-style beef

Meat and poultry paella

Meat and poultry paella

Lime-teriyaki pork

Lime-teriyaki pork

Choice of salads and side dishes

Choice of salads and side dishes

Choice of desserts

Choice of desserts

Are you ready to eat locally prepared,
fresh and healthy meals?

Visit our online store and discover the frozen and fresh ready-to-eat products that we offer.

Decide if you prefer picking up your order at our offices or if a delivery to the address of your choice is better for you.

Choose the items that inspire you on our online boutique without forgetting dessert or drinks! Complete and pay for your order. Please note that once an order has been completed, it cannot be modified or cancelled. If in doubt, contact our Customer Support Center before ordering.

Our Customer Support Center is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can communicate with one of our advisers by sending an email to info@zestedumonde.ca or by calling 514-761-0498, option 1.

Watch your emails! You will receive an email directly from our online store with your order overview and your credit card transaction receipt. Caution, the delivery time giving by the automatic email of the boutique is not good (ex: 11:00-11:30). Please allow us a time frame of two hours to do the delivery (ex: 11:00-13:00). You will then receive a second email from our customer support team, which will contain a wealth of information relating to your order.


It's time to receive your meals

Pick up at our offices,

When ordering, you will have chosen a time to pick up your order. Pick-up on site is available from Monday to Friday, according to the hours proposed when ordering. Fresh products (salads, side dishes and desserts) are prepared the same day according to the pickup time. You agree to respect the time you have chosen and know that no credit or refund will be issued for non-compliance.

Delivery to a designated address,

The customer must choose the day and time from which delivery will take place. Zeste du Monde agrees to deliver the order to the address indicated on the order form within two hours of the chosen time. Caution, the delivery time giving by the automatic email of the boutique is not good (ex: 11:00-11:30). Please allow us a time frame of two hours to do the delivery (ex: 11:00-13:00). The customer, or his representative, agrees to be on-site and ready to receive their order during this period. Our delivery person will ring the doorbell and wait for an answer. If no one answers the door, the delivery person will call the phone number you provide once to notify you that your order has arrived. If no one answers the phone, the delivery person will leave the order in front of the door as securely as possible and will take a photo that you will receive via email within minutes of the attempted delivery.


Time to eat!

The time has come to enjoy your meal! Nothing could be simpler; just follow these few guidelines:

Fresh products (salads, side dishes, desserts): Keep refrigerated until consumption, ideally within two days of receiving your meals. When it’s time to heat up, follow the instructions on the lid. Also, remove the plastic lid and put to recycle. Caution, do not heat the container more than 375F.

Frozen meals: Keep in the freezer until ready to eat, ideally within three months of receiving your meals. Do not defrost before reheating. When reheating, remove the plastic wrap with the label that surrounds the tray and put in recycling. Remove the cover completely and replace it lightly on the tray to keep the heat and the quality of the meal while heating. Reheat at full power (for a 1000W microwave) for 7 to 8 minutes. Check food temperature and adjust microwave time if necessary.

Lave vaisselle

And after?

Flash-frozen container:
You can either wash your tray and its lid by hand or in the dishwasher.

The tray has a remarkable lifespan and you can use it many times.

When your tray has reached end of life, you can put it in recycling.

Fresh meal container:
Once you are done with the container, you can either put it to recycle or compost depending on the container (see the diagram at the bottom of the container)

Important points!

The photos of our products are for illustrative purposes only. The presentations and composition of the dishes can vary depending on the season, the availability of certain ingredients and food trends.

Prices, descriptions and availability of items are subject to change without notice.
In the event of an item being out of stock, the customer will be contacted and we will offer an item of equal or greater value. However, no refund will be issued.